Unit Standards

These Standards will be Revised

Title Unit Level
Advise clients on rain-fed crop production as a business 3
Advise clients on selection of crops and inputs for fodder production 3
Advise farmers on rain-fed crop production plan 3
Advise stakeholders on the roles and function of the institutions participating in skills developmnt 3
Advise, capacitate and contract service providers 3
Advocate for early childhood education and care as a professional practitioner 3
Align heavy plant machinery and Equipment in a workshop 3
Align machinery and equipment using laser 3
Analyse a human resource management issue in an organisation and evaluate potential solutions 3
Analyse a marketing issue in a beef cattle business and evaluate potential solutions 3
Analyse and apply administrative principles to decentralisation and governance 3
Analyse and apply emotional intelligence in leadership 3
Analyse and select corrective treatments for the hair and scalp 2
Analyse and treat hair and scalp problems prior to service 2
Analyse horse feed and stable horses 2
Analyse leadership and related theories in the organisation 3
Analyse rain-fed crop production data using computer software. 3
Analyse the germination of rain-fed crop seed to determine quality 3
Analyse the skills development legislation and apply it in the workplace 3
Analyse work content and identify work team needs 2
Analyse, evaluate design principles and elements in textile manufacturing 3
Analyse, interpret and communicate information 2
and skills of Basket dyeing 1
appliance servicing 2
Apply makeup for special occasions 3