Unit Standards

These Standards will be Revised

Title Unit Level
Apply design principles to commercial refrigeration and air conditioning systems installation 3
Apply design principles to industrial refrigeration systems 3
Apply design skills to build a Textile design portfolio 3
Apply drawing techniques of graphical communication 2
Apply earthing and earth leakage protection in signalling installations 3
Apply environmental regulations and best practice in automotive repair industry 1
Apply Fertiliser Manually 1
Apply fertilizer using a tractor mounted or trailed equipment 3
Apply food handling practices in wholesale and retail outlet 2
Apply furniture and appliance wholesale or retail practices 2
Apply health practices for horses 3
Apply health, hygiene, housekeeping, safety and security measures in a wholesale and retail context 2
Apply high speed braking and hazard avoidance in a vehicle fitted with an ABS 3
Apply industrial protective coatings 3
Apply introductory analogue electronic principles 1
Apply key processes in council functions 3
Apply knowledge and skills of driving a light four wheel drive (4WD) vehicle on-road 2
Apply knowledge and skills of motor vehicle control loss prevention 3
Apply knowledge of analogue electronics on semiconductors 2
Apply knowledge of basic digital and analogue concepts 2
Apply knowledge of Botswana Labour Market 3
Apply knowledge of digital electronics 3
Apply knowledge of electronic filters, oscillators, and frequency synthesisers 3
Apply knowledge of electronics test instruments and take measurements 2
Apply knowledge of ethical principle, standards and professional conduct in public sector management 3