Unit Standards

These Standards will be Revised

Title Unit Level
Assemble electronic components under practical conditions 2
Assemble mechanical components under supervision 2
Assemble through-hole printed circuit boards manually 3
Assemble work pieces in jigs, manipulators and fixtures 2
Assert oneself in a range of specified situations 2
Assess a horse for lunging and teach a novice rider on a lunge 5
Assess a horse for purchase for a specific activity 3
Assess and promote behaviour which minimises the risk of transmission of STIs and HIV 3
Assess candidates against standards 3
Assess rain-fed grain crop quality 3
Assess stable design and construction 3
Assist children to increase physical function through positioning and mobility 3
Assist customers with account enquiries in a contact centre 1
Assist in preparing and serving food for a bush braai in a wilderness area 2
Assist sows to farrow under supervision in an indoor and outdoor units 2
Assist the veterinarian with equine consultations and surgery 3
Assist to foal a mare under supervision 3
Assist with behaviour change for children with challenging behaviour in education setting 3
Assist with disposal of crop residues 2
Assist with handling beef cattle for animal husbandry practices 2
Assist with implementation of programmes for a child's daily personal routines 3
Assist with milking 2
Assist with parturition and after care of Smallstock. 3
Assist with programmes in education settings for children with oral language disorders 3
Assist with the implementation of strategies to facilitate learning for children with special needs 3