Wednesday, May 29, 2019 - 08:42

Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA) is mandated to provide for and maintain the National Credit and Qualifications Framework (NCQF). In its endeavor to facilitate development of qualifications, for registration on the NCQF, BQA promotes and supports collaboration between qualification developers who are interested in developing similar qualifications to work together and merge qualifications with insignificant differences and submit one jointly developed qualification for registration. The Authority has consulted on this approach and it has been accepted by Business Botswana (Education Sector), Private and Public Education and Training Providers.

The Cooperative Development of Qualifications involves where:

• Individual qualification developer, who is interested in developing a qualification(s) within a   particular field of learning, invite others with similar interest  to share resources and start the   development of the qualification(s); or

• An individual qualification developer start development, and later sees the need to invite   others during the development to enhance the quality of the product; or

• A qualification developer had, submitted the qualification to BQA for registration, and the   Authority realises that similar qualifications with insignificant differences have been    submitted and guides the developers to work together to merge the qualifications and submit   jointly for registration to minimise proliferation of qualifications on the Framework.

The Authority would like to pilot this approach effective 3rd June 2019 - 31st July 2019. A list of submitted qualifications has been compiled and the first two qualifications identified for piloting the cooperative development process are Early Childhood Education and Occupational Health and Safety at Certificate, Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree levels.

The Authority therefore, invites all ETPs and Awarding Bodies intending to develop qualifications in these domains to inform the Authority with immediate effect.   Further note that Qualification developers will be informed of other qualifications that need to be merged once the pilot exercise is complete.
The Authority further advises all those who intend to develop or have already developed and submitted to the Authority the same qualifications as those already registered on the NCQF to consider using the registered qualification for development of learning programmes for accreditation. Note however that qualifications with the same names but major differences may be submitted for registration.

The list of registered qualifications is on the BQA website:
For further guidance please contact Qualifications and Instruments Development Division at 365 7200 / 398 9455.